When the Ladu's company was founded in 1960 , it was devoted to sheep-farming, and the idea of a tourist reconversion was still far. It was in 2007 that, with the generation change, the family decided to evolve to hospitality. The farmhouse "Sa Rocca" is the ideal place to satisfy guests who love traditional food and local specialties, immersed in the beautiful landscape of our island.

The Farm

The farmhouse "Sa Rocca" is an oasis of pleasure, perfect for a holiday in the southwest of Sardinia. "Sa Rocca" is located at the foot of a hill,with an interland breathtaking landscape, which streches before the clients. Moreover, the farmhouse is situated only 5 km from Masua Beach and 8 Km from Cala Domestica Beach. A perfect location for nature lovers who want to escape from the daily pressure to relax ,breathing the characteristic scents of the unspoiled Sardinian hills.The calm surrounds the farmhouse as the daily activity of the company and the grazing goats early in the morning, between green lawns and the Mediterranean scrub.

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Tourist attraction in the area

  • Spiaggia di Masua
  • Spiaggia di Caladomestica
  • Spiaggia di Piscinas
  • Pan di Zucchero
  • Porto Flavia
  • Paese di Nebida
  • Galleria Henry
  • Grotta Santa Barbara
  • Tempio di Antas
  • Grotte is Zuddas
  • Percorso miniere nel blu
  • Città di Iglesias

Per info e prenotazioni visitare il sito del comune di Iglesias ufficio turismo
o chiamate al numero +39 0781 274507


In the province of Carbonia Iglesias, The farmhouse "Sa Rocca" has a privileged location for those who want to fully enjoy the unspoiled landscapes of the southwest of Sardinia. Located between the two characteristics beaches of the area (Masua and Cala Domestica beaches), it offers the chance to explore both, the coastal area, with white beaches and cliffs overlooking the sea with the crystalline waters of Sardinia, and also the mine sites steeped in its history. The farmhouse Sa Rocca is 20 Km away from the city of Iglesias, town which was founded in the Middle Ages under the name of Villa di Chiesa . Villa di Chiesa, rich in mines and Medieval traditions, took the name after the many religious structures still present today in the city center. Near Iglesias, we can still visit the ruins of an ancient castle –The Acquafredda Castle, which belonged to Ugolino of the Gherardesca, a noble family from Pisa (Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri ,Inferno, Canto XXXIII )



Loc. Medau Ladus Masua, S.P. 83 Nebida Buggerru Km. 13,000, 09016
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